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Training Sessions

After your Dean/Department Head or supervisor determines that you need to use the Colleague system, you must fill out an Account Creation form in order to receive security clearance and obtain your Colleague User ID. This form can also be obtained through the Colleague Assistance Desk at (309) 438-2270.

Once you and your Dean/Department Head/supervisor have filled out this form, you should send it to: Colleague Support, Campus Box 0580. Questions regarding the completion of this form should be addressed to the Colleague Assistance Desk at (309) 438-2270 or to Only after receiving your Colleague Account Activation notification should you schedule your Colleague training sessions.

Departments/units or staff members should request the training sessions they want based on their needs and their advancing knowledge of the Colleague system. Occasionally, notices about training sessions will be e-mailed to all staff members with Colleague logons.

Types of Training Sessions

Training (with the exception of year-end training) is typically done on a one-on-one or departmental basis, at the employee's workstation.

  • Comprehensive Training (session for new employees/ beginners having minimal exposure, if any, to Colleague.
  • Budget Officer Training (session giving Budget Officers an overview of Colleague reports and online approvals)
  • Colleague Reports (session focusing on Colleague-delivered as well as ISU's custom XQ/XD reports)
  • Online Voucher and Requisition Training (sessions for those responsible for voucher and/or requisition creation)
  • Year-end and lapse period online voucher training (1 hour session for online voucher users; classroom setting)
  • Online Colleague Job Aide -- These are training videos for review on your own.

Please schedule training sessions by completing the Colleague Training Request. Training attendees must have a Colleague login, so anyone who does not have a Colleague login should complete an Account Creation form prior to scheduling a session.

With the exception of year-end training, nearly all Colleague training is performed on a one-on-one basis. Please e-mail Amy Thies or call the Colleague Assistance Desk at (309) 438-2270 if you have questions about these training sessions.