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Service & Support

Just as training is important, providing continuing, timely and accurate service and support for Illinois State University's Financial Information System is critical to its success.

Colleague Assistance Desk (309) 438-2270

The Datatel Assistance Desk exists for staff members as an additional source for Datatel help. The Assistance Desk can help you if you have problems with or questions about: vouchers, mnemonics, reports, printing, etc. The Datatel Assistance Desk functions with the support of several staff from the Comptroller's Business Office.

Specific Accounting Questions

If your question deals specifically with an accounting issue (i.e., What does this object number mean? When do I use this account number on a voucher?, etc.), then you should contact the appropriate Fund Head directly. The table below lists the Fund Heads from the Comptroller's Office. They can assist you with these types of questions.

Subject of Question Contact Person Phone Number (309)
General Revenue (10100, 10400) Phil Carter 438-3295
Agency (107xx, 50701) Elizabeth Banks 438-5676
Bond Revenue (106xx) Elizabeth Banks 438-5676
Service (105xx) Ruth Wiesner 438-3292

Specific Software-Related Questions

If you have questions related to the Colleague application, contact the Colleague Assistance Desk at (309) 438-2270.

Colleague Training Questions

Direct Colleague training questions to Amy Thies at (309) 438-1917.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add questions to the Datatel FAQ by calling the Colleague Assistance Desk at (309) 438-2270.

The Colleague FAQ is in PDF format (100 KB).

If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, contact your departmental desktop support staff or download it from the Adobe site for free.