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Online Colleague Users' Manual

The Colleague Users' Manual, written by the Comptroller's staff, is now included on this Web site for your convenience.

Providing this manual online offers you several benefits:

  • It is easy to access the manual online through the World Wide Web. If you are working in Colleague and you want to read the section on a certain mnemonic (i.e., GLSA) before you run a report, you can simply pull this Web site up in your browser and get into that section of the manual with a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Since the manual will be updated in the future, providing it online also makes it much easier to update quickly, without having to re-release expensive paper copies of the manual to end-users.
  • Finally, this Online Manual lends itself to quick and easy searches by using the "Find" icon on the Command Bar in Adobe Reader:

The sections of this manual are all in PDF format.

ACBL - GLBI Functionality

You can now detail from ACBL to the transactions that impact the Allocated Budget. The GLBI - GLA Trans Inquiry  (47KB)  form lists all of the transactions that comprise the current, future, and memo budget activity posted to the current account in the selected fiscal year.

Using Colleague to track OfficeMax Payments

Colleague  payments for OfficeMax transactions can be tracked using ACBL and expense reports.

User's Manual

Single chapters can be downloaded or printed

Other sections of the online Colleague manual

Note: Instructions for Fiscal-year specific XQ Reports (e.g., X1451, X1570, etc.) can be used for subsequent fiscal years by changing the X14xx to X15xx, for example. The XD reports (e.g., XD32) are not Fiscal-year specific and do not require modification for subsequent fiscal years.