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User Accounts

A valid user I.D. is required to gain access to Illinois State University's Financial Information System. The Financial Information System is a secure system and only validated users will be permitted access. For information regarding Illinois State University's policies on data security and confidentiality, please review the documents below, which have been prepared by the Illinois State University Data Security Administrator. Your user I.D. and password are to be used only by you. Do not give anyone else access to your account by letting that individual know your user I.D. and password.

The remainder of this page details the steps necessary to obtain an account, how to activate that account, and how to change your password.

Eligibility for an Account

The first step in the account creation process is determining your eligibility for an account. Given the sensitive nature of the information stored on Illinois State University's Financial Information System, only certain members of the Illinois State University community are permitted access to the system. You are eligible for an account if your Dean/Department Head/supervisor has determined that you need access to the Colleague system.

Departments/units are responsible for determining which staff members have access to the financial system and which departmental accounts are required. When a staff member no longer requires access, or leaves the University, there are two ways to remove that staff member's access to the system. To do this, either fill in the line on the Account Creation form (download below) labeled "Replaces user" or send an e-mail to Colleague Support.

Account Creation Form

Once your Dean/Department Head/supervisor determines that you need to have access to the Datatel system, you will need to fill out the Account Creation form. This form details the various pieces of the system to which you may need access. You and your Dean/Department Head/supervisor should evaluate these needs and send the completed form to: Colleague Support, Uptown Crossing Room 233 (Campus Box 1200). Over the course of a few days, the various pieces of your account will be created.

Notification of Account Creation

As soon as your account is created, you will be sent an e-mail message with the subject: Colleague Account Activation. This e-mail message will contain your new user ID (based on your ULID: University Logon ID) and information regarding login, General Ledger Account access and training contact information.

If you have difficulty accessing various areas of Colleague Financials and you are sure you are in the "CF" application, please contact Colleague Support at (309) 438-1158.